The "International Yonsei Community (IYC) was founded in 1995 as a student organization for global, multi-cultural exchange within the Yonsei society, including the hundreds of students from all around the world. We provide help and friendship to the foreign exchange students so that they can cope to the Korean lifestyle and culture.

What We Do

Welcome Party

Before the start of each semester, IYC holds a party welcoming the incoming exchange students to Yonsei. It will provide a great opportunity for the international students to meet Korean students as well as other exchange students.

GLOBAL Field Trip - February, 4th weekend

This trip is a retreat that all university students go at least once, to get to know one another. There will be a barbecue, a dance party, and lots of games and drinking.

International Cooking Festival - 3rd week of May

An annual event of Yonsei University hosted by IYC. The International Cooking Festival gives international students a chance to cook signature dishes of their home countries, share them with other students and also show off other traditional talents. Also, it's a good time for International students and Korean students to work together and build friendship.

AKARAKA - 2nd week of May

  An annual Yonsei festival, on this event 20,000 Yonsei students gather at the school's open air theater and learn to cheer for the autumn competition with the opposing Korea University. Famous Korean singers and comedians also perform on stage, making it one of the most dynamic events of the first semester.

Annual Yon-Go festival (YonGo-jeon) - Oct

The biggest and the most famous university festival in Korea!! The two top private universities in Korea - Yonsei and Korea. meet for their annual rivalry matches. 5 sports games are played between the two schools in the midst of the fabulous cheering from students. It will be an experience that you'll never forget.

Group Buddy

IYC and International students are divided into 7 small groups, each composed of an estimated 10 members of different gender, nationality, age and major, but with similar interests. Each student guides their participation in various events such as going to watch Korean musicals, traveling around Korea, experiencing Korean nightlife and etc. This is to strengthen relationship with other students.

Korea School - Every 2 week

The Korea School is a program held by IYC in order to acquaint the International students to "real-life" Korean culture (traditional games, arts, crafting, etc.) and language (slang, proverbs, informal dialogue)

IYC Airport Pickup Service

We provides an airport pick-up service for exchange students in Yonsei.

 * Services IYC provides 

 - Pick up by two or three members of IYC at the airport

 - Accompanying to SK Global House by small van or airport limousine bus

 - Explanations about Yonsei University

 - Assistance with check-in of the SK Global house