Since Hyundai Department Store wants as many students as possible to come to talk show,

They decided to run this event free!


Bilingual(English, Korean) talk show about Korean culture

for international students in Korea

[ Welcome! Is it your first time to visit Korea? ]

"My experiences about Korean culture" by Ida Daussy

Talk show host :

1. Ida Daussy : woman on the poster

                      famous Korean celebrity who is from France.

                      Yonsei University KLI students in 1992.

                      Professional broadcaster, Writer

                      became Korean citizen in 1996

                      Main host of this talk show

2. Taru Salminen : famous Korean celebrity who is from Finland

                           Graduate school of Seoul National University in 2001

                           became popular on KBS global talk show "The beauties' Chatterbox"

                           Professional broadcaster, Writer, Translator

Ticket price : free

Contents of Talk show :

1. Their fun experiences about Korean culture as a foreigner

2. Important tip to live in Korea as a foreigner with humor

3. Direct interaction(Q&A) between hosts and int'l students

4. It will be good chance to meet international students from all over the world and your country


When : 4-29 Monday 6:00pm ~ 7:30pm

Where : Sinchon Hyundai U-Plex 

            12th floor, Jade Hall

Free ticket distribution : 4-26 Friday  12:00~6:00pm

                                  SK Global House lobby


                                  4-27 Saturday  12:00~6:00pm

                                  IYC room (Student Union Building #305)    


                                  4-29 Monday(event day) 5:00~6:00pm

                                  In front of U-Plex Jade hall


                                  contact President Minhyuk Kim(010-3879-8075)


                                  -> Total 300 tickets will be distributed, first-come first-served basis                     

[ Contact Us ]

President          Minhyuk Kim(010-3879-8075)

Vice President   Jungho Lee(010-9975-2569)