IYC(International Yonsei Community) wants to introduce an exciting event

Hope you guys are interested in this event!


That is our main event in first semester "International Cooking Festival(ICF)".

We have been holding this event since 1995 and every year it was a huge success :)

In Cooking Festival, each group(of course consist of both int'l students and Korean students) cook traditional dishes and sell it to Yonsei students and visitors to Yonsei University festival! 

It is also a great opportunity to let Yonsei people know about traditional food of your group's country



Yonsei University festival(Daedong festival) : 5.14(Tue)~5.16(Thu)

ICF : 5.14(Tue) in front of Main Auditorium


When : May 14th during Daedong festival(annual school festival)

Where : in front of central library.



We are planning to prepare 7 countries.

1. Russia

2. Greece

3. Spain

4. Turkey

5. Germany

6. USA

7. Mexico


We contact embassy of each country to get some help to prepare event and decorate ICF booth.

Sometimes we get traditional clothes or small sculpture, pamphlet from embassy to let people know the country's culture.



Schedule for ICF

4.30(Tue) : IYC regular meeting, the first ICF group meeting

4.30(Tue)~5.9(Thu) : Prepare to decorate booth and food menu

5.10(Fri) : Food exhibition to taste and check each group's food

5.14(Tue) : ICF D-Day


If you want to sign up for International Cooking Festival,

There will be entry fee around 5,000~10,000won.

Because We are expecting to spend around 2,500,000won from IYC account to run this event.


On ICF D-day, event will be held from 10:00~18:00.

After we clean up the place we use,

we are going to have wrap-up party and it will be served free in pub


We can't be sure how many people we are going to accept and make a group with IYC now,

So If you tell us you are interested in, we will going to make a list in order of time you e-mail us

(e-mail address : mailtoiycian@gmail.com)


To put your name on the list, please tell us

1. Your name

2. nationality

3. exchange student/KLI student

4. how many schedule you can attend

5. your phone number



Thanks for reading :)



Contact Us :

President Minhyuk Kim(010-3879-8075)

Vice President Jungho Lee(010-9975-2569)


Website : www.iycian.com -> Guest Book -> [IYC event]International Cooking Festival

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